Saturday, June 25, 2011

Spring Fall Portraits

Had such a blast doing these family portraits a few weeks ago. If only I were a faithful blogger, you'd have been able to see these darling portraits then and not now. I am so excited to show you these family shots, and also the brother pictures. They KILL me! We were SO lucky with the light. It rained all week, and then got gorgeously sunny this day. Sunshine - not so much my favorite lighting, but better than pouring rain. For the one hour of this shoot, the clouds rolled in. Perfect diffused lighting everywhere. What more could you ask for?

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Caryn said...

Heather, these are fantastic! At first when I saw a photo I thought, "That one is my favorite." Then I scrolled down and thought, "No, THAT one is!" Then, finally, I realized I just couldn't decide because they're all beautiful.

By the way, how funny that we both started up our photoblogs this weekend? I posted on Sunday for the first time in months.