Friday, May 14, 2010

Wednesday's Lovely Little Man

We'd had a hard time getting this one scheduled, because I had a cold, they had an appointment come up, and then I got the stomach flu... Sheesh. Can't shoot a newborn when you're sick...

But when the stars finally aligned and all things came together Wednesday, it was worth the wait. These were shot with natural light and an SB600 with Gary Fong for some of the shots in my living room. Most of the individual shots were with my static 50mm lens at between f2 and f4.

I LOVE me some Northern window light. Always diffused. Always lovely. Always.

This shot was a magical mistake. It wasn't supposed to be so dark, but I was outshooting my flash, and some of those shots where the flash didn't go were just magic!

This hat had to be the best photo prop EVER.

Look how much he adores his mommy!

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