Friday, May 14, 2010

Crazy Photography Weekend

Since my daughter was born at the end of February, I've been slowly dipping my toes back into the photographic waters, but things haven't really been too busy for me. Thank goodness... I needed the break.

But this weekend I was supposed to do three shoots in two days. The first two, sadly, I haven't yet gotten permission to post, so you get no images. The third had to be put off until this Wednesday.

Saturday morning I did senior portraits for Anna. She was a lovely new client. I enjoyed getting to know her and her parents. One of the highlights was a bunch of shots we took by this amazing old blue Chevy truck. Anna looked great, and her outfit complemented the truck well. We went from there to the Riverwoods to shoot over by The Veranda. I love that little spot, with it's pretty rock walls, ivy, benches, and interesting color walls as well. It was a fun morning shoot. The light also cooperated, thanks to clouds, because we had a late start... Thanks, Anna... Happy Graduation.

That evening we followed up with a huge family shoot. Seven siblings, their spouses, their children, and Mom and Dad. Whew... Good thing they were all really fun, and cooperative. It made for a good shoot. We shot at American Fork Amphitheater at 5:00 PM. The light started to get really REALLY fabulous over there around 6:30 when we finished up, but the nice thing about that location is that there's almost ALWAYS good light to be had somewhere if you shoot in the morning or afternoon. The earlier or the later the better, however.

Some of my very favorites from this shoot were the individuals of little kids, and teenagers. I love watching someone come to life in the camera lens.

A favorite new trick that I employed was to have the little kids give me a scary ROAR. When they did, I reacted as though I were really scared, and when they were grinning with self-satisfaction in the aftermath, magic happened. Hopefully I'll be able to post some good shots from that one, soon.

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