Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Back to the Photo Blog!

Wow, how I've neglected this blog. Too busy with photography, not enough time or energy to update the blog. But I'm excited to present the family portraits I shot on Saturday. It's still brown and dead-looking outside, and so I took these in my living room studio. Isn't this an adorable family. They brought Grandma and Grandpa along to help out, and it was such a good idea.

Their darling baby has just turned one, and boy can she smile.

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Jenny Bay said...

Heather, I just came upon your photography website and blog - you are so talented! Your website looks awesome and you have such wonderful photos. Just thought I'd say hi! I'm getting into photography a little myself, and hope to someday have a little business like you (we'll see what happens) - anyway, hope you're doing great!